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Why You Should Choose a Modular Kitchen Design

February 9, 2019

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The living room is one in all the places where you place a lot of effort because it’s where we entertain our guests. However, even once we have guests, they will find you within the kitchen somehow. Regardless of whether individuals might want to use your kitchen or not, it’s always important to place some effort in there and also the design will impact the space in some amazing ways. The kitchen is one in all the areas that must look as elegant as possible and may be convenient and functional at all times.

Having a modular kitchen serves all the needs that you might want. There are several reasons on why you must fit in the modular option and that they include:


This is one of the best options. A modular kitchen is assembled very simply. You’ll enjoy flexibility in a good way since you’ll shift the complete kitchen, particularly once you move. You’ll have the kitchen repaired or altered at any one given time without affecting the other part.


The modular kitchens are sometimes designed with the customers’ needs in focus. Counting on your own personal preferences and also the house available, the kitchen is customized even as you wish it to be. The kitchen will easily be color coordinated or you will even choose a design that contrasts the complete theme of your home. This allows you to truly modify the complete house and also allows you to work inside your set budget.

Space savers

A modular kitchen has shelves that allow you to save on house. You’ll notice shelves in small spaces and also the tiny corners also. There are others where you discover them hanging on the doors. You’ll simply fit your appliances on shelves or walls. The features are a great choice, especially if you have got a small apartment.


In the traditional setting, carpenters were hired to design the kitchen inside your home. So it will take a lot of time and a lot of inconvenience. As for the modular kitchens, they’re created within a factory then easily fitted in your home. You only need to place an order and you’ll have the installation done within a month or so.


Modular kitchens have a lot of chick and contemporary styles. There are the elegant and refined ones, and there also are the slick and trendy designs that you will choose from. There are several patterns bearing nice aesthetics also as functionality. There’s nothing wrong with having an attractive kitchen.


Storage is usually a great factor where kitchens are involved. Modular kitchens have drawers, cabinets, and shelves for more efficient storage. This allows you to prepare your things so as to make working and cookery inside the kitchen efficient and simple. You’ll then de-clutter the kitchen giving it that clean and neat look.


The modular kitchens are designed in a good way. The look is done in a way that enables you to store the items that are frequently employed in very convenient positions inside the kitchen. You’ll separate the cooking and cleaning areas also.

Modular kitchens give aesthetic appeal, efficiency, and convenience. Modular kitchens allow you to access some wonderful ideas for your kitchen also as tips to create your house more functional for you, your family and guests.

A Look At The Features Of Deep Fat Fryers

February 9, 2019

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Deep fat fryers are used for cooking many fast foods and today commercial fryers can come with an array of different features. They obviously have a basket to raise the food out of the oil when the cooking is completed, but they can have all sorts of other features too. Some have an automatic device to lower the basket into the oil when it is ready and lift it out again when cooking has ended.

They may also have an audible alarm, and mechanical or electronic temperature controls. Some have ventilation systems to reduce the smell of frying, oil filters to extend the useable life of the oil, and systems to prevent food crumbs being overcooked.

Many commercial fryers are highly energy efficient, especially those using convection heating or infra-red heating, but they can be expensive to purchase in the first place. The more common fryers are either electric or gas operated. Counter top models are often electric and are popular because they are portable. Because the heating elements are immersed in oil, they tend to lose less heat than a gas model, and they recover faster between frying cycles, but gas fryers heat up faster and they also go to higher temperatures. A typical electric fryer only goes up to 190°F. Gas fryers can be powered by either LPG or natural gas and both are cheaper to run than electric.

The materials used for commercial fryers are usually stainless steel or mild steel. Stainless steel is preferable because it is not likely to corrode or stain as mild steel can, and it doesn’t expand under the heat, which can also happen with mild steel and cause the welds to become damaged.

Many of the latest commercial fryers have electronic temperature controls which continuously sense the temperature of the oil and adjust it accordingly in order to ensure perfect cooking, and also to save on fuel. A safety thermostat will also shut off the heat instantly if the oil should reach a dangerous temperature, so preventing oil fires. Most fryers have a re-set button to re-set the safety device when the fryer has cooled down, but if one is not fitted, the fryer may need repair or even scrapping if the safety device has activated.

Commercial fryers are manufactured with different types of pot. Some of them have a zone at the bottom of the pot which is cooler, and when larger food particles sink into them it keeps them from burning and affecting the oil. A fryer which is of the tube style has a large cool area because the tubes are above the bottom of the vat which leaves more space for cooler oil and crumbs. This is a useful feature if you are cooking foods that are heavily breaded, but tube style pots are more difficult to clean than an open pot. Tube style pots are also usually a little less expensive than an open fry pot. However, open fry pots – while being easier to clean and a tad more expensive – have a smaller cool zone so crumbs that fall to the bottom could scorch and taint the oil. They work very well for lightly breaded food, though.

Flat bottomed fryers have no cool zone and can also be more difficult to clean, but you can insert a batter trapper which keeps the batter from burning on the bottom which is where the heat is.

There are many manufacturers of commercial deep fryers, one of which is Parry, which makes electric, gas, and LPG fryers, and has a total of twenty different models. Parry fryers can be stand alone or integrated into a run if desired. The fryers are all made from stainless steel and the electric models can be floor standing, of which there are four models, or counter top models which total ten. There are single and double Parry fryers all of which have a traditional wire basket. There are also single and double stand-alone gas fryers in natural gas or LPG and a choice of two counter top models – one using natural gas and one using LPG – both of which are double gas fryers.

Why Choose a Copper Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

February 9, 2019

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There are so many great reasons, six of which are listed below to help you determine if this this the right choice for you moving forward.

The main reason that copper range hoods continue to grow in demand is that they are functional. These are not just a beautiful copper piece in your kitchen, but a working part of your kitchen which offers numerous benefits, including fantastic health benefits. Copper is an antibacterial material, while the hood reduces steam, heat and odors from the kitchen, along with dangerous carbon monoxide, which is released during the cooking process.

Copper can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make a wonderful impact on your overall kitchen design. Available in an extensive range of customizable designs, you will find the perfect match which will blend into your design seamlessly. These hoods can add value to your home, being a welcome focal point in the kitchen, a place where family and friends get together. The heart of the home.

In addition to this, what many people don’t know but one of the many reasons you should consider a copper range hood for your kitchen is that all copper goes through a unique process, called the “patina” effect. This is when the copper is exposed to external elements, it causes a chemical reaction which over time causes the copper to start changing color, adding great character to any kitchen space. You often see this with copper roofs. They may have a slight greenish tinge to them. This makes every piece of copper unique and is assured to add some character to your kitchen space.

Further, the copper range hood will add an element of convenience to your kitchen. If you have an open plan kitchen, then you know how odors can permeate throughout the home. Being able to flick a switch and have all the odors, steam and heat extracted out of the kitchen space is a major convenience. You will also find that the copper range hoods come with lighting. This is a great benefit as the lighting shines directly on the range top, ensuring you can see what you are cooking with ease.

Copper range hoods are made to the highest quality, if you choose the right supplier. Top suppliers hand-make their copper range hoods to your unique specifications, so they are custom made for you. You choose your design, size, copper color and texturing. The quality is so outstanding that the texturing is hand hammered, so you can choose smooth, slightly textured or very textured. The choice is yours based on your kitchen design.

Finally, you will find the price a welcome benefit. The price of a copper range hood is very affordable, especially when taking the durability and life span of these hoods. This hood will be in your kitchen space for many years to come. You won’t be replacing your hood soon, which means you save money in the long run.

There are some important factors to consider when making your copper range hood selection with the supplier being one of the biggest decisions you need to make. Look for a supplier who hand makes the hood for you, customizing it for free to meet your specific kitchen space requirements. Ensure that they have extensive industry experience and knowledge with a proven track record that you can trust.

About Us: Copper Hoods is a family owned and operated copper range hood design and custom design company. This United States based company has over ten years’ experience exceeding their customer’s expectations. The company has a team of experienced metal artisans who work hand in hand with top metal fabricators to produce outstanding and high-quality pieces. Copper Hoods offers only the highest quality hoods with nationwide free delivery. They also offer free estimates and a free customization service as an added convenience combined with their superior level of customer service.

How to Pick Perfect Countertops For Your Dream Kitchen?

February 9, 2019

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Planning to change your kitchen countertops? Desires a contemporary one? Wondering, how to choose the best one out of many? Why not, since it’s a huge investment and no one wants to spend blindly on countertops. Isn’t it? The kitchen is a heart of the home where one spends precious time cooking delicious meals for their family members! So, it must match your kitchen layout and design too!

It doesn’t matter whether you are remodeling an entire kitchen or just part of it, stylish countertops is a dream of every person. Might be you are wondering, how to pick the perfect one for your kitchen? Am I right? Not to worry! You will come to know after going through this blog! Let’s get started!

Consider your lifestyle

The foremost step is to think about you as well as your family member’s lifestyle. How often you cook meals at home? Is the space of your kitchen utilized for entertaining? Are you the one who wish low or high maintenance surfaces?

Answering to all such questions will help you in making an ideal decision.

Evaluate durability

Everyone knows that countertop is a huge investment and one wants to last it for a long period of time. For that reason, it’s imperative that you choose durable materials. If you are the one who uses kitchen frequently then better to go with granite, concrete or quartz surfaces. Wondering, why? Since these are designed for busy kitchens and for those who invest their maximum time in preparing delicious meals.

Assess appearance

For a majority of people, appearance is an imperative factor! Are you also the one who gives much importance to looks? Yes, appearance is something that plays a vital role in enhancing the look for your kitchen. Of course, you want the one that better complements your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and layout.

If you desire a material which can give your kitchen a natural look then go for granite as it can also boost your space value.

Think about price

Price is also a major factor that you must think before buying the one for your kitchen. Few surfaces are quite expensive and some require much maintenance, however, that doesn’t mean all cheap options are a bad choice. It’s better to pick the one that fulfills your needs completely.

The most common material for countertop is granite as it is known for its durability and heat resistance. It’s quite pricey as compared to other ones, but it can save your sufficient money later on. Pick the one that you desire for your kitchen.

4 Florida Plumbing Tips to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies can often seem sudden, leaving your home flooded, toilets & sinks backed up, and overall becoming a nightmare to deal with. However, in many cases these sudden disasters have been forming for a long time & could have been prevented with proper maintenance or precautions. Below we’ve gathered 4 tips to help you prevent an emergency from popping up at your home.

Be Careful What You Flush

Toilets are one of the main sources of plumbing emergencies. They handle the worst of the worst, and are often the go-to for getting rid of something even if it doesn’t belong being flushed down pipes. Paper towels, “flushable” wipes, and other thicker paper materials may seem safe to flush, but they can build up and form blockages in the pipes if they don’t disintegrate, potentially leading to a backup into your bathroom. Yuck!

Monitor Water Pressure

When there is a leak in your pipes, it often shows itself in one of 2 ways: a water spot on the ceiling, or drastically different water pressure. When sediment builds up in your pipes the pressure can go up & put pressure on the pipes that they aren’t prepared for, leading to leaks. These leaks – or leaks caused by eroding metals – lead to less water reaching the desired location, instead leaking into your ceiling or floor and giving you weaker water pressure. If you notice something off about the faucet or shower, consider having it looked at.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

The idea behind using chemicals to clear drains makes sense in theory – the harsh chemicals could eat away at the buildup & residue causing problems. However, these harsh chemicals can actually do more damage to the metal in the pipes, weakening them and increasing the risk of leaks. Drain snakes, plungers, and other tools are the preferred choice for DIY unclogging, but if they don’t work consider reaching out for residential plumbing in Coral Springs.

Schedule Inspections Yearly

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is especially true for plumbing. As we said before, plumbing problems take time to develop – plenty of time to be identified & fixed before they escalate to an emergency. With annual inspections of your plumbing, you can be sure that you’re taking the steps to prevent catastrophic emergencies from forming.

West End Plumbing are a team of expert plumbers servicing Sunrise, Florida & its surrounding areas. With decades of experience offering commercial & residential plumbing in Coral Springs , there’s nobody better to trust Florida plumbing tips from. In the case that your preventative measures don’t work, you can get in touch with them 24/7 for any plumbing emergency you have.