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April 17, 2019

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How Much Money Do YouTubers Get Paid?

Are you wondering how much does YouTube pay the YouTubers? Perhaps you are wondering how many views are needed to make money on YouTube. Still intrigued about the worth of each ad click? Maybe you are wondering what having a thousand views on YouTube will be worth to the YouTuber. You can read more here to get an understanding of how YouTube pays YouTubers; so, make sure to check it out!

There are two metrics that determine how much money YouTube creators are paid. The first one is the number of ad views and the second one is the number of ad clicks.

You might think that earning is easy as a YouTuber; however, the pay is calculated more than just the views that they get. A lot of people make the assumption that a YouTuber gets paid based on the number of people who have viewed their channel. This means that if they assume that a thousand views will be equal to a dollar, then this YouTuber will get paid by this amount and the like. Most people result to this estimation because getting ad click metrics is not that easy. However, ad views alone is not an accurate measure of YouTube profits.

According to YouTube advertisers, there are several factors that affect how much money a YouTuber makes to get a thousand views. These factors also have a role to play in how much money a YouTuber earns. For instance, if an advertiser will put their ad on YouTube, there are other factors that will influence how much money they will spend. Getting a thousand views and being paid a certain amount is not the only thing you get from them.

Basically, when factors help determine the cost of the advertiser and the YouTubers get 55% of their revenue, then these are the same factors that influence how much money YouTubers make. Wha follows are a few of the factors that have some effect on the revenue of the YouTuber.

To start, clicks also influence YouTuber payments. Ad payments are made not just on ad views but ad clicks as well. When you only look into the number of views, then you are missing the whole point of properly calculating the revenues.

By skipping ads, the payment that the YouTuber will be getting will also be reduced significantly. There is a huge impact that people make on the revenue of the YouTuber when they will be skipping ads. YouTube will not consider skipped ads as views. Skipped ads are something that advertisers are not keen on paying. In short, YouTubers do not get paid if the viewers will skip ads. A YouTuber will not earn as much when their viewers are used to skipping ads.

Lastly, the amount of money that YouTubers make is affected by the quality of their ads. Most of the time, more clicks and views are received by well-made ads that would further add to the revenue that YouTubers make.

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