Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Residential Home Lift

February 16, 2019

Real Estate

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Whenever people think of a lift, they probably picture a commercial high rise that has a lift to transport occupants from one story to another. What they probably don’t imagine is a personal lift for their home. However, home lift installation services by Hin Chong are becoming very commonplace in residential buildings.

Why Should You Get a Lift?

Residential lifts are the perfect solution for people who may have mobility issues. Both the elderly and the disabled may find that a lift makes it easier to get around their multi-story home. However, lifts are also a practical solution for those with small children or those who frequently need to move large loads.

Lifts make it safer to travel from one story to the next. There is no worry about losing footing on stairs, and a lift can help reduce the amount of time it takes to move around your home. Home lifts blend in seamlessly with the decor of your home.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Installing a residential lift requires a bit of planning and time. Before installation begins, homeowners must get all of the required approvals to begin building on their property. Once the process officially begins, installation usually takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.

During this time, homeowners may continue to live in the building. However, they may experience a bit of inconvenience, noise and mess. Once the lift is installed and working, it should last for around 20 years before it needs to be renovated.

Is Your Home a Good Fit?

Some homeowners feel their home may be too small to accommodate a lift. This is not usually the case. Not much space is needed. In fact, the entire lift system is usually the size of a closet. As long as the home is more than one story, a lift is a great option.

The cost of a new residential lift varies from one house to the next. The final price is dependent on a few factors, including the style of the lift and any custom features you may choose to add. Installing a lift will not only make life easier for you, but it will also increase the resell value of your home.