Why Winter Is the Ideal Time To Prepare for Home Window Replacement

February 12, 2019

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Spring and summer are not only growing seasons, they also mark the time of year most people begin home improvement projects. In most cases, doing so is the only logical choice since harsh winter weather makes many projects impossible. However, contractors in midwestern states sometimes suggest residents wait for colder weather to replace home windows because it is easier to identify problems during colder weather. Replacement windows are also discounted in the colder months, and it is usually easier to schedule installations.

Cold Weather Highlights Window Problems

Contractors may suggest that new homeowners wait until winter before replacing windows. Professionals know that cold weather provides an opportunity to learn more about the condition of home building materials. Even owners who have lived in their homes for a while can often detect problems they were unaware of during cold, wet weather. Winter will highlight drafts, rotting wood that allows water to leak in, and loose panes. It will also let owners see how much energy they are losing to inefficient or poor-fitting windows.

Buying Windows in Winter Is Affordable

Winter is also a smart time to order windows because it is the off season for contractors in the colder states. They do get work making repairs, but most customers do not want to begin major projects when the weather is windy and icy. Clients who are willing to schedule the work in the colder seasons can often get window discounts that range from 10% to 40%. They also lower heating bills by installing energy-efficient windows in the coldest months.

Contractors Have More Flexible Schedules in Winter

Window contractors are often busiest during the spring and summer. That means homeowners need to change their schedules to have windows replaced. However, buying windows in the winter allows customers to choose exactly when they want to arrange installation. DIY customers simply store their purchases until the seasons change. Those who want immediate installation can take advantage of contractors’ slow times and get the work done when it suits them.

Window professionals suggest that homeowners who live in colder climates can benefit by ordering replacement windows during the winter. It is easier to identify window problems in winter and replacements are less expensive then. Scheduling installation is also easier in winter.