Why Choose a Copper Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

February 9, 2019

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There are so many great reasons, six of which are listed below to help you determine if this this the right choice for you moving forward.

The main reason that copper range hoods continue to grow in demand is that they are functional. These are not just a beautiful copper piece in your kitchen, but a working part of your kitchen which offers numerous benefits, including fantastic health benefits. Copper is an antibacterial material, while the hood reduces steam, heat and odors from the kitchen, along with dangerous carbon monoxide, which is released during the cooking process.

Copper can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make a wonderful impact on your overall kitchen design. Available in an extensive range of customizable designs, you will find the perfect match which will blend into your design seamlessly. These hoods can add value to your home, being a welcome focal point in the kitchen, a place where family and friends get together. The heart of the home.

In addition to this, what many people don’t know but one of the many reasons you should consider a copper range hood for your kitchen is that all copper goes through a unique process, called the “patina” effect. This is when the copper is exposed to external elements, it causes a chemical reaction which over time causes the copper to start changing color, adding great character to any kitchen space. You often see this with copper roofs. They may have a slight greenish tinge to them. This makes every piece of copper unique and is assured to add some character to your kitchen space.

Further, the copper range hood will add an element of convenience to your kitchen. If you have an open plan kitchen, then you know how odors can permeate throughout the home. Being able to flick a switch and have all the odors, steam and heat extracted out of the kitchen space is a major convenience. You will also find that the copper range hoods come with lighting. This is a great benefit as the lighting shines directly on the range top, ensuring you can see what you are cooking with ease.

Copper range hoods are made to the highest quality, if you choose the right supplier. Top suppliers hand-make their copper range hoods to your unique specifications, so they are custom made for you. You choose your design, size, copper color and texturing. The quality is so outstanding that the texturing is hand hammered, so you can choose smooth, slightly textured or very textured. The choice is yours based on your kitchen design.

Finally, you will find the price a welcome benefit. The price of a copper range hood is very affordable, especially when taking the durability and life span of these hoods. This hood will be in your kitchen space for many years to come. You won’t be replacing your hood soon, which means you save money in the long run.

There are some important factors to consider when making your copper range hood selection with the supplier being one of the biggest decisions you need to make. Look for a supplier who hand makes the hood for you, customizing it for free to meet your specific kitchen space requirements. Ensure that they have extensive industry experience and knowledge with a proven track record that you can trust.

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